Biofood industry

The biofood industry is a constantly changing sector: know how to take advantage of positive outlooks

A recent report published by Grant Thornton International Ltd discusses the positive climate for the international agri-food industry, particularly resulting from improved global economic outlooks.

This wind of optimism in the biofood sector encourages the players to keep pace with new trends and position themselves in the new markets.

According to the experts, this climate will favour burgeoning investments, whether in plants and facilities, equipment or product development.

Anticipate how to take advantage of the new trends: adopt a winning action plan and measure your performance!

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s consultants have strong knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the major issues governing the global biofood sector.

They have all the required competencies to discern and assess the possibilities and challenges related to the market and help you design action plans with measurable performance levels. You can take advantage of consumer trends and emphasize innovation, both in products and in productivity.

Biofood sector grants

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s advisors can help you obtain grants that meet the needs of your biofood business. Over the past 20 years, they have performed more than 4,600 mandates in the biofood sector

The Quebec and Canadian governments and La Financière agricole offer many grants to SMEs and agri-food sector processors.

Our consultants can help you find your way among the existing grants.

Ask RCGT’s experts for advice.

Your needs Our expertise
Plan the succession
Improve marketing
Identify the trends
Position yourself
Optimize the logistics chain
Be on the cutting edge of traceability and standardization
Obtain financing


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