A Valuable and Accessible Resource No Matter Where You Are

In tandem with our constant monitoring of the challenges that mining companies face worldwide, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton offers consulting services to public mining exploration and operation companies in the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Tax
  • Assurance
  • Financing transaction assistance
  • Initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Personnel recruitment and human resources

A member of Grant Thornton International Ltd., Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton has more than 2,500 employees in 100 locations throughout Quebec, including Montréal, Québec, Val d’Or and the far north with its office in Kuujjuaq.

Our Firm has a sophisticated understanding of the Canadian and Quebec mining context, particularly in connection with the Plan Nord. As such, our offering also includes the following services:

  • Alternative investment management (AIM);
  • Mergers & acquisitions;
  • Acting as designated advisor;
  • Launching or closing mining operations.

The mining sector is complex and requires major investments. To identify the right strategy for your organization, contact one of our specialists today!

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