Sharka Hamet, CPA, CA, MBA
Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer

Sharka Hamet
  • Office:
  • 514 878-2691
  • Sharka Hamet, CPA, CA, MBA, is Executive Vice-president and Chief Operating Officer. She is working with the President, Regional Vice-presidents and Partners to build an increasingly competitive firm. Sharka also supports the firm’s Women of Talent initiative that provides a forum for women from various areas to develop their positioning within the business community.

    Sharka holds an MBA in Strategy and International Management from McGill University and a Bachelor of Accounting from HEC in Montréal. She has over 20 years of diverse management experience which she gained through the key positions she has held within major entities.

    Sharka is known for her strong management and leadership abilities and exceptional strategic thinking. She has built effective, collaborative environments thanks to her excellent communication skills and qualities as a team player.