Litigation Support

Litigation Support

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A Winning Case

Whether you’re a plaintiff or a defendant, in a mediation or arbitration situation, in a civil or criminal case, our seasoned professionals can provide assistance in all litigation phases to make yours a winning case.

Whether it’s for a shareholder dispute, a breach of contract or insurance litigation, among others, our professionals can provide advice and help you throughout the process.

Your Issue: You Need Assistance in Effectively Resolving Disputes

Your concerns:

  • Will Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton be a credible expert witness in court, with the requisite knowledge to prepare expert testimony?
  • Our dispute is large and complex, does Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton have international reach and capability?
  • Will Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton be able to review our case objectively?
  • What is at stake financially and in terms of our reputation?
  • What are the different courses of action and the associated risks?
  • Can Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton work effectively with our other advisors?

Our solutions:
Our independent experts have extensive experience and skills in providing expert witness testimony, and advising on civil and criminal matters for corporations, the public sector and individuals, including:

  • Loss of profits and wasted expenditure;
  • Breach of contract and misrepresentation;
  • Breach of warranty;
  • Competition matters;
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes;
  • Professional negligence;
  • Intellectual property dispute;
  • Matrimonial disputes;
  • Analysis of electronic data is an integral part of expert witness assignments. We are also experienced in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including international arbitration.

A Comprehensive Analysis for a Fair Settlement

As experts, we can, among others:

  • Assess financial damages;
  • Critique the adversary’s expert reports;
  • Draft various expert reports;
  • Testify before the court.

As consultants, we can, among others:

  • Assess economic losses;
  • Identify the documents and information to be obtained;
  • Provide assistance during judicial proceedings (e.g., during opposing party examination);
  • Formulate questions of a financial or accounting nature to be submitted during examinations for discovery, examination before plea or during the trial;
  • Prepare calculations and schedules for negotiations.

If the parties agree or the court orders, we can also serve as joint expert (“expert unique”).

Lastly, we can also provide services in matrimonial disputes to assess notional income and the parties’ net value.

Multi-disciplinary Litigation Support

At Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, we have a team of established experts who can support you, through all stages of the litigation and alternative dispute resolution process. Our professionals are valued for their subject matter expertise, integrity, objectivity and credibility. We have global reach and resources working in various activity sectors with a wide range of technical expertise, which enables us to quickly assemble multi-disciplinary teams to support your needs.

We listen to your needs, shaping our teams and approach as required, while continuing to provide you with the objective and clear advice you need. We take a one-team approach, working collaboratively to provide the right solution to you.

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By working with our experts, you’ll benefit from the services and advice of our team of experienced professionals who can help you with your cases. Whether it’s for investigation, expert testimony, litigation support, anti-fraud, anti-bribery or anti-money laundering, we can help!

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