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Whistleblower Reporting

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Prevent and Save

More and more companies are now choosing to implement a whistleblower program, and for good reason. Employee confidence is fundamental to a successful business, but a reprisal-free forum to voice concerns isn’t just about employees. There are some very practical benefits for management, including the potential for cost-savings that are to be had if fraud is discovered.

Whistleblowers play a pivotal role, since they are particularly well placed for detecting wrongdoings within the company. Company employees are often the best source of information on wrongdoings.

Building a Climate of Trust

Our anonymous whistleblower reporting program is an independent service operated by our multi-disciplinary team of investigative and forensic accounting professionals. Our professionals have experience dealing with security or confidentiality concerns that may be identified by callers.

The program we offer includes Canada-wide, 24-hour anonymous and confidential reporting tools for employees through:

  • A 1-800 telephone line;
  • Email access; and
  • A secure website submission form.

All communications and complaints are followed up discreetly and thoroughly.

Set Up a Comprehensive Program

The benefits of our anonymous whistleblower reporting program that clients can take advantage of include:

  • Potential protection from negative publicity by dealing with issues internally;
  • Compliance with codes of good corporate governance;
  • Effective and low-cost deterrence against inappropriate workplace behaviour;
  • Support of the operations of the audit committee and the internal audit function;
  • Assistance in formulating and implementing risk management strategy; and
  • Identification of poor control processes and weak internal controls.

Total Confidentiality

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton takes its clients’ concerns seriously, which is why our whistleblower hotline program is discreet, quick and, above all else, easy to set up and use.

Enjoy the benefits of an anonymous whistleblower program!

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