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Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton has developed the business brokerage service to help foster meetings between business buyers and sellers.

In Quebec, approximately 85% of businesses (about 200,000) generate sales under $2M and close to a quarter of their owners will be passing the torch on to others over the coming years. Some of these business owners are supported by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton in the business transfer process, an approach which allows them to progressively transfer their business to the next generation,, while others are planning on selling their business outright. Under the business brokerage service, these individuals will have access to a range of services to help them with their sale.

Businesses with sales over $2M can also use the brokerage service. According to their needs, which may be more specific, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s merger and acquisition experts can offer them optimal services.

Exclusive advantages of the brokerage service

  • A structured and confidential process for buyers and sellers
  • Business staging services to enhance the business’s value
  • A bank of prequalified businesses and buyers
  • An integrated approach and exclusive support throughout the sale process
  • Access to trustworthy private and institutional backers
  • An ideal business partner, with in-depth knowledge of the SME market

A complex process requiring tailored services

Selling a business is a complex process that requires preparation, expertise and time. This is why we advise business owners to use the services of experts in the field to maximize the value of their business.

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s business brokerage is a tailored service that helps qualify enterprises wishing to be showcased as a business opportunity:

The qualification process:

  • Supporting the definition of the seller’s intentions and objectives
  • Self-assessment tools for the various business functions
  • Sale process preparation
    • Business staging plan development and implementation
    • Required documentation description
    • Sale support team preparation
    • Business valuation
    • Marketing document preparation

Marketing and sale process

  • Listing on various distribution lists and the website
  • Buyer search and qualification
  • Buyer process support
  • Business visit organization
  • Purchase offer analysis and negotiation
  • Due diligence preparation support
  • Transaction conclusion support

It is important for the buyer to reflect as well, which is a more complex process than simply reviewing a list of businesses for sale. The brokerage service helps potential buyers:

  • Determine their acquisition objectives
  • Develop their buyer profile
  • Target the business type they wish to buy
  • Qualify themselves as a prospective buyer
  • Select business opportunities corresponding to their profile
  • Advance in the acquisition process

Moreover, the brokerage service provides access to the full range of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton experts whose services may be required during the sale or acquisition process, including:

  • Assurance
  • Valuation
  • Tax
  • Financing, management, human resources, marketing

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