Consumer and Other Taxes

Make your life easier by entrusting us with your tax management processing.

Managing the GST, QST as well as the other taxes, and the errors arising from incorrectly completed forms can lead to costly penalties and interest. A careful interpretation of the laws, correct choice of applicable tax rate and suitable accounting system reduce the risks of claims being made by any level of government.

Our specialists will ensure the compliance of your consumer tax management system and will produce reports within the required timeframes, thereby eliminating high interest and costly penalties. And that’s not all: they can also help maximize your input tax credits!

Our expertise

  • Organizational analysis
  • Applicable tax rate, based on products and clients
  • Application of tax credits available on purchases
  • Evaluation of the accounting system
  • Discussions with government department representatives
  • Required adjustments for efficient data processing
  • Accurate and reliable reports