Financing Innovation and Technological Development

Tax Credits for Scientific Research and Experimental Development

Does your business operate in one or more scientific and technological fields? Is it constantly evolving, growing and changing? If so, then it’s essential that you maximize the benefits of corporate tax incentives.

Whether you’re thinking about programs about scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED), e-business development (EBD), or the production of multimedia titles (PMT), tax credits represent a major source of financing for manufacturing and technological businesses. These are generous, but highly complex programs because they are always changing, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to obtain this kind of financial assistance, which encourages businesses to invest in research and development and promote technological innovation.

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s innovation and technological development financing team comprises experts in computer science, aerospace, manufacturing engineering and other fields of technology, aided by accountants and tax experts specialized in these types of claims. We are here to help you save time and avoid many of the inconveniences.

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Be efficient for better optimization

The primary added value of our involvement is the optimization of your SR&ED, EBD and PMT tax credits. We are very familiar with the programs and the government entities’ policies (Canada Revenue Agency, Agence du Revenu du Québec, Investissement Québec, etc.), which enable us to provide you the support needed to derive the maximum benefit.

Efficient execution

We know that you need to give all of your attention to your own activities, the heart of your business. This is why we offer you a multitude of services to try and minimize the effort that you and your staff would have to invest in filing tax claims. The flexibility and agility of our team of experts, combined with their in-depth knowledge of sciences and technologies, enables them to provide efficient and personalized assistance.

Our innovation and technological development financing services include:

  • Evaluation of your business’s eligibility for SR&ED tax credits (free diagnostic);
  • Positioning of projects and drafting of technical reports following interviews with your staff;
  • Preparation of tax forms (federal and provincial) in collaboration with your accountant;
  • Help implementing an adequate project follow up system:
    • Timesheet standards,
    • Technical documentation,
    • etc.;
  • Preparation and assistance in the case of scientific or tax audits by the Canada Revenue Agency;
  • Representations before government bodies such as Investissement Québec for the EBD and PMT credits;
  • Tax advice for strategic planning of your research and development.

Our flexibility is also evident in our variable fee arrangements, e.g. staggered fixed or variable percentage, hourly rate, fixed rate or other. We always find a way to establish a win-win association!

Tax specialists for your tax credits

The tax specialists in the innovation and technological development financing team are specialized in corporate tax credits. It’s essential that you obtain these credits, in particular when your business is eligible for multiple credits, such as the e-business development tax credit, the tax credit for the design of industrially manufactured products, the tax credit for work placement, the tax credit for private partnership precompetitive research or other tax measures.

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