In 2012, Dominic Gagnon co-founded Connect&Go, a Montréal-based company specializing in the market of radio-frequency identification (RFID) bracelets. The company provides access and payment solutions as well as frictionless experiential solutions, while generating revenue for the leisure, sports and entertainment sectors.

My corporate culture is to always hire people I would want to work for.

Grant Thornton
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In 2018, a decision was made to diversify Connect&Go’s service offering and develop the permanent facilities segment such as amusement parks, ski resorts and hotel complexes. That same year, the company increased its presence abroad with the opening of sales offices in Paris and the United States and the addition of an Entertainment VP based in Orlando, flagship city for amusement parks.

In November 2018, the company acquired GOTIX, a ticketing system that has sold several millions of tickets to date which enables it to offer a fully integrated solution to its clients. The company also developed the first intelligent silicone bracelet dispenser machine.

Entrepreneur early on

Dominique Gagnon began his entrepreneurial career very early with the creation of Mediatech Communication, one of the first web agencies in Lac-Saint-Jean, when he was only 14 years old. At the same time, he founded an event management business that produced over 150 shows. Six years later, he founded the Piranha marketing agency.

In 2015, BizBash magazine listed him among the 15 most innovative entrepreneurs in the event planning world. His business ranked 9th on the GROWTH 500, which recognizes technological companies that have demonstrated aggressive growth in Canada for 2018 and among growth leaders in 2019.