Kurt Sorschak is President and CEO of Xebec Adsorption Inc., a company founded in 1967 that designs, engineers, manufactures, sells and maintains biogas purification systems.

Sorschak actively contributed to the business’s evolution, from a local manufacturer specializing in gas and compressed air drying to a gas purification business, active and recognized all over the world.

For me, success is moving towards the goal you set originally.

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In 2015, Xebec had dozens of facilities operating worldwide, with an ever-increasing number of new projects and contracts.

Since Xebec was founded, Sorschak’s vision has been to focus on clean energy, making Xebec a world-renowned company.

By 2015, the company had dozens of installations around the world, but the desire to reduce the carbon footprint was not yet fully understood.

A visionary at the service of the environment

Despite experiencing financial difficulties in 2008 and almost bankrupt in 2011-2012, Sorschak has persevered, believing that renewable energy was the energy of the future. He undertook a major restructuring to keep Xebec afloat.

2016 marked a real turning point for the company. Kurt Sorschak has put together a passionate team to develop low-cost, carbon-neutral solutions, increasing Xebec’s sales from $9.6 million to nearly $25 million in 2018.