CEO of Nutrinor since 2001, Yves Girard took the helm of the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean cooperative when it was experiencing financial difficulties.

In a few years only, he succeeded in turning the organization around, particularly through the development of a new mission and new business and investment strategies.

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Since 2016, Girard committed his organization to a three-year investment plan that ensures enviable growth.

This plan will allow one of Quebec’s largest cooperatives to develop the region’s economy. It will promote the benefits of northern agriculture and agri-food and demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development.

A dedicated mentor

Yves Girard has a background in bioagronomy and a specialization in management.

In 1994, he completed a management program and an internship offered by Coop fédérée, which allowed him to make his debut in the world of cooperatives and business recovery.

Generous with his time and keen to contribute to the development of business succession, Girard acts as a mentor to many people in the business community.

He is also involved in several organizations, including the Chicoutimi major junior hockey team, the Saguenéens, which he helped turn around four years ago.

Girard is also proud of the cooperative’s involvement, which has contributed nearly $174,000 in donations and sponsorships over the past year to support agricultural, cultural and sports organizations and activities in the region.