“With the Person of the Year Awards, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton and the John Molson School of Business have created an exciting new initiative and it’s a privilege to be part of it. It’s a great occasion to celebrate outstanding achievements and recognize successful business practices and initiatives. I hope that the winners, leaders in their respective fields, will create a solid network and promote best practices by becoming motivating examples for future generations. I’m truly looking forward to discovering the nominations among the many local businesses that have shaped Quebec!”

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Barbara has been working at the John Molson School of Business for 10 years and at Concordia for more than 16 years. She has a Bachelor degree from McGill University and an MBA from Concordia University and is currently a Director in the Office of the Dean of her alma mater. She oversees the daily operation of the Office of the Dean and ensures the implementation and management of the business school’s strategic directions.