Person of the Year Awards

Instructions | Gala (40)


You’ve been designated to be responsible for a batch of tickets for the Person of the Year Awards Gala. It is therefore your responsibility to allocate the number of tickets indicated above.


  1. Invite your guests. If you do this via email, you can attach a link to the event’s web page:
  2. Before going on to the next step, it is very important for you to have received a confirmation of attendance from each of your guests, and to have at hand their email address, telephone number, official title and organization name.
  3. Once you have all this information at hand, click the Reserve your tickets button and fill in all the fields:
    • Don’t forget to register yourself if you plan to attend
    • If you do not plan to use of your allotted tickets, please ensure that you do not leave any mandatory fields blank, enter an “X”. Attention, the email filed must include an “@” and each one must be unique. E.g.: first email : [email protected]; second email : [email protected]; etc.
  4. Since you are responsible for a batch of tickets, you must also fill out the Your contact information section. NB: This section by itself is NOT a ticket or a registration.
  5. When all the fields are filled in, submit the form.



• Electronic tickets will be sent in the coming weeks.

• Attention! You must NOT forward the tickets to other guests without advising us. Otherwise the ticket may be invalidated.

• If your guest list changes or if you have any questions about the ticket allocation process, please contact us at [email protected]


Reserve Your Tickets

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