Take advantage of your exclusive access

ClientAccess, is a single point for securely depositing documents of all types.
Safe, secure and easy to access, clientAccess lets you have access to all your documents at any time.

To serve you even better, clientAccess is evolving towards a more powerful Microsoft technological platform that will allow the addition of new features.

It only takes a few minutes to update your authentication.

1.  Click on “Create your Microsoft account”.

If you already have a Microsoft account, you will be automatically redirected to your new clientAccess (step 3).
Otherwise, you must re-authenticate as indicated (step 2).

2. Re-enter your email and password.

You will receive an email with a code to validate your identity.

3. To complete your registration, click on “Stay connected”.

Confirm your registration using the authentication code (you will receive a code by SMS or telephone and must enter that code to validate your registration).

4. Accept the terms and conditions and take advantage of your clientAccess.

Go to clientAccess and create your Microsoft account.


Need help?

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