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Film and Television

The audiovisual sector is undergoing an exciting transformation that does come with significant challenges however. Now, more than ever, you must ensure rigorous, innovative management for each project to ensure they are carried out under the best conditions.

Our team of experts and technical specialists is recognized for its experience with a wide range of film and television companies and stays on top of major trends and new financing and tax developments.


Build a solid financial package for each of your projects that includes all the process steps:

  • production;
  • promotion;
  • presale;
  • distribution;
  • postproduction and dubbing;
  • related multimedia titles;
  • social financing.


Get a handle on all aspects of your tax management and receive all the subsidiaries and credits you’re entitled to:

  • analyzing a production’s financial structure;
  • reviewing legal documentation;
  • preparing SODEC and CAVCO applications;
  • obtaining a waiver for non-resident artists;
  • claiming tax credits and filing tax returns.


Make sure your financial statements and reports are compliant:

  • financial statement audit;
  • issuance of special reports and reports on production costs.

To find your way through the maze of tax and financing administrative requirements, you should be guided by experts who’ve mastered every angle.