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Accelerate your digital shift with Azure Form Recognizer

Watch now - Accelerate your digital shift with Azure Form Recognizer

Automate your document data extraction with Azure Form Recognizer.

Optimize your processes by automating data extraction using Azure Form Recognizer, a solution integrating machine learning that will help you to leverage the information in your operational and financial documents (invoices, shipments, purchase orders, etc.) more efficiently.

During this webinar, our digital consulting experts present several case studies illustrating the solution’s capabilities and possibilities. They will help you discover:

  • How to configure and arrive at a solution to quickly extract data from your personalized model;
  • Best practices for taking full advantage of the solution;
  • The efforts and estimated costs for deploying such a solution;
  • Examples on how to use it in a business context.

See how Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s Digital and Technological Consulting team uses Azure Form Recognizer to automate the processing of supplier invoices.

This webinar is for you if:

  • You are curious to learn more about how invoices are processed using optical character recognition (OCR).
  • You want to explore the possibilities of integrating automation solutions to enhance processing capability, create more time for your teams or mitigate the impacts of the labour shortage;
  • You plan on acquiring, deploying or replacing your OCR solution shortly.

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This webinar is in French.

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