Hôtel Baker
178, de la Reine Street, Gaspé

Questionnaire on financing:

If you answer Yes to at least one of these questions, you should attend the conference.

  1. I want to maximize my business’s profitability by ensuring that I have the best financial structure possible;
  2. I have plans to expand and I am looking for the best financing solution possible;
  3. I believe that my business’s financial management is a significant lever for ensuring its profitability.

Conference details:

At some point in time, all businesses find themselves in a situation where they must seek financing. Whether it’s for a start-up, expansion or acquisition project, the success of this step can be a pivotal point in the business’s development and competitiveness.

During this presentation, Martin Laforest, profitability analysis specialist, will discuss the main points of this topic simply and clearly where you will learn:

  1. The fundamental notions of corporate financing;
  2. How to optimize the business’s current financial structure;
  3. How to set up financing;
  4. The traps to avoid.