While infonuagics and massive data have become established in most companies and industries, the question of system auditability is becoming a major issue.

More than ever, companies are faced with a torrent of information and must ensure that the data is reliable and the result of a legitimate process.

A technological response to this problem is the blockchain. The real question is no longer when, but how to prepare for a blockchain implementation.

Using examples of practical applications, this webinar presented by Les Affaires, will help you better understand the different stages of development of a blockchain and understand its positive impact on its auditability.

Participate for:

  • Understand the positive impact of a blockchain technology.
  • Demystify the blockchain under different use cases.
  • Discover the importance of digital data auditability.
  • Learn the main steps to start a blockchain project.

***Please note that this webinar is available in French only.***


Our speakers

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton - image


Partner and president of Catallaxy
Digital and technology consulting