Cash management should give you a clear understanding of your expenses and available funds so that you can cover unexpected cost overruns and ensure your business’ solvency over the short and medium terms.

With the economy currently affected by unprecedented turbulence, diligent and efficient financial management is more important than ever.

Since running a construction or real estate business is particularly complex, special technologies are needed for:

Visibility: Assess your actual cash levels (consolidated and by project) and see what’s causing any major variations
Forecasting: Develop a cash flow forecast
Financing: Make sure your current financing is enough to cover your needs in different scenarios
Payments: Reconcile and manage cheques and migrate to a centralized electronic payment system

This webinar will include a demo of Kyriba, a state-of-the-art solution.

Kyriba: Technology that makes your life easier

Kyriba is a cash management platform. It includes a comprehensive suite of solutions to cover a wide range of functional areas and help businesses meet today’s financial challenges. Offering reliable and accurate results, Kyriba supports strategic decision-making and provides outstanding added value for companies operating in your field.

Find out what tools Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s cash management team recommends to make your business more effective and efficient!

*The presentation will take place in French.

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