Founder of Buzztroop, a Web agency specializing in the development of e-commerce sites, Guy-Jacques Langevin is very familiar with the reality of entrepreneurs. Aware of the importance of e-commerce in organizations’ strategies, he leverages his expertise to increase the growth of his clients, whose diversity feeds his creative spirit. Searching for solutions that are tailored to each of his clients’ situations is always a great source of stimulus.

In the digital marketing field for over twenty-five years, Guy-Jacques has built a solid reputation thanks to his knowledge of Web issues and entrepreneurs, passion and innovative spirit.

You have to have the will to carry out your innovative ideas.

He is there for his clients during all stages of their transformation process, from the design of their digital strategy to its execution. His advice is based on best practices to help companies stand out in their market and successfully meet the needs of their own clients through an effective and rewarding client experience.

Prior to joining our team, Guy-Jacques worked as a product manager at Tata Communications and as a marketing manager at, and Bell Canada’s Sympatico Internet service.