Our teams’ close, on-site relationship with the various communities and understanding of their individual situations, values and ancestral culture contribute to enriching exchanges and successful collaborations.

The long-lasting bonds of trust that we have built over the years with the Inuit, Métis and First Nations have created positive partnerships that are helping to set the stage for successful Indigenous organizations and entrepreneurs. The purpose of our support is to:

  • Promote the creation and growth of Indigenous businesses and generate positive spin-offs for the community;
  • Facilitate the planning and implementation of growth generating projects with a view to continuous improvement and sustainable development;
  • Stimulate innovation while respecting existing traditions;
  • Guide and engage key players to ensure strategic governance for community advancement.

The following are some of our advisory services available for entrepreneurs and the community, over and above our assurance and tax services:

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Co-management and financial performance

  • Community co-management;
  • Finance function support;
  • Organizational performance implementation, monitoring and assessment;
  • Turnaround plans;
  • Financing and subsidy search support;
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
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Community economic development

  • Economic development support;
  • Market and economic analyses;
  • Tourism, leisure and culture initiatives support;
  • Government relationships;
  • Negotiations with stakeholders.
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Managing employee and business partner relationships

  • Employee or indigenous shareholder compensation: analysis of income tax exemption terms and conditions;
  • Entrepreneurial succession;
  • Change management.
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Planning, relationships and strategic communications

  • Support for stakeholder mobilization and social acceptability;
  • Negotiations with stakeholders;
  • Strategic communication and public affairs;
  • Community image and reputation.