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Montreal: the perfect mix for international trade

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Montreal’s strategic location and tech skills base combined with Canada’s outward-looking approach to international trading make the city the perfect access point not just to North America, but also to the rest of the world.

“International trade is at the heart of Montreal’s growth strategy,” says Valérie Verdoni, senior director at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton in Canada and director of the firm’s International Business Centre. “The free-trade agreements that Canada has with its neighbours in North America, with the European Union, as well as with other blocs all over the world means we have access to more than 50 economies representing around 1.5 billion consumers.”

She adds: “And within Canada, Montreal has a wide range of advantages and incentives for international businesses.” These range from its excellent strategic location in terms of road and rail as well as air freight and travel, to world-class business infrastructure and, perhaps most compellingly, the city’s high level of human capital.

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