Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is pleased to present a webinar entitled IFRS 9 Instruments financiers – Entités autres que les institutions financières (IFRS 9 – Financial Instruments – Non-financial institutions).

This French-language session discusses IFRS 9 concepts, particularly the new classification of financial assets model and new expected credit loss impairment model.

Upon the successful completion of a test that will be made available at the end of the session, webinar participants will receive a training certificate, which is applicable to training hours recognized by the Ordre des CPA du Québec (OCPAQ).

For this workshop, our experts include Gilles Henley, CPA, CA, Partner, Risk Management and Accounting Research; Louise Roy, CPA, CA, Senior Manager, Risk Management & Accounting Research and Caroline Lessard, CPA, CA, Manager, Risk Management and Accounting Research.

To access the webcast, please click here:

http://www.icastpro.ca/rcgt170615 (use the password: rcgt061501)