08 Mar 2018

Senior Auditor – Assurance
Val-d’Or office



“When several people from my team work on a same project, I reserve a room for us. It’s easier to communicate and help each other when there aren’t any walls between us.”


Choosing a career was easy for Andréanne. “In high school, I loved math and I was very good at it. My father was an accountant and my mother, Vice-President of Human Resources, so they both worked in business. I studied business in CEGEP. At HEC Montréal, I enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration, Major Accounting program.”

During her internships, which were all done at the same large consulting services firm, she sometimes had doubts as to whether she could see herself in this profession. “Something just wasn’t adding up, but I didn’t have enough experience to pinpoint the problem. But I was too far into my studies to just give up like that. After I obtained my CPA designation, when I started working elsewhere, I was relieved to find that I really liked my work! What I hadn’t liked during my internships was their business culture. There was no recognition. Even when we gave it our all, it was never enough.”

Andréanne (in back) with Émilie, at the family fishing cabin on Parent lake in Senneterre.

Andréanne says, “You don’t have to be a workhorse to be successful. My partners, Sylvain Faucher and Serge Allard, advocate a work/life balance and support us in this regard.”

The young accountant values collaboration and team spirit. “I remember very well just how intimidating it was, at the beginning of our professional journey, to ask for information and advice when we needed it. When several people from my team work on a same project, I reserve a room for us. It’s easier to communicate and help each other when there aren’t any walls between us. We each take a turn being DJ for the day and that person chooses the music we’ll listen to while working!”

Andréanne has always been into sports. She practised weightlifting when she was a teenager and participated in several world weightlifting championships. She would have continued with it but, in 2011, she hurt her back and had to stop. She recognizes that being involved in this sport helped her develop qualities that will serve her all her life, especially discipline and self-control.

“The comment I hear most at work is that I’m not stressed out, that I know how to remain calm even when involved in a complex assignment that isn’t going smoothly. If it’s too easy, I get bored fast. I get more satisfaction when the job is harder and I still manage to find solutions.”

These days, Andréanne does Crossfit six times a week and coaches Crossfit weightlifting to gym members.

Building a life up North in the name of love

Meeting Émilie made Andréanne decide to leave Montréal. “My partner was born in Senneterre, which is less than an hour from Val-d’Or. In the spring of 2016, I joined her there and we bought a house together.”

“Before meeting Émilie, I knew nothing about Abitibi. I thought it was so far from Montréal! I would never have thought that at least once a year I’d be driving for six hours from Val-d’Or on the Baie-James route to go further North to a client in Nemaksa.”

Above all things, Andréanne appreciates the closeness to nature, as well as the inherent solidarity in her adoptive region. “It’s easier to make ties here than back in Montréal. We have a good network of friends and I get along very well with my in-laws. I couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere else. Of course I miss my family, but apart from that, I have everything I need right here.”

The next step for this couple is having a child. Andréanne ends her story on a happy note, “I couldn’t have wished for a better place to grow in my career while enjoying a great family life.”