19 Apr 2016
Sarah Phaneuf
Partner | CPA, CA, M. Fisc., M. Sc. | Tax

Taxation Partner Sarah Phaneuf contributed to an in Les affaires, in which several tips are offered.

19 Apr 2016  |  Written by :

Sarah Phaneuf is a partner at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. She is your expert in taxation for the...

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18 Apr 2016

Trustee Partner and Financial Recovery Advisor Éric Lebel gives tricks to adopt to improve your financial situation and maintain sound financial management.

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17 Apr 2016

Regional Vice-President and National Leader for Entrepreneurial Succession Éric Dufour, talks to La Presse about the major challenge of business transfer and succession.

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16 Apr 2016

In a L’actualité article, International Taxation Partner Jean-François Poulin sheds light on the taxation dynamics in the Netherlands, for instance, and the taxation structure of an organization such as Uber.

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