12 Mar 2015
Gilles Fortin
Lead Senior Director | B.A.A. | Financial advisory

On February 21, Gilles Fortin, Manager, Purchases, Sales and Mergers at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, actively contributed to the section on buying a business, published in Les affaires. The expert emphasized that “the worst thing for a purchaser to underestimate is the transition period. Who will do what in the first three months (IT, Sales, HR, etc.)? You have to be a real stickler and let nothing escape your attention. You must also rally people behind your vision, and this takes a lot of energy. Writing a cheque isn’t enough. ”

As for the value of the company, Mr. Fortin confirms that “value is a delicate aspect, because people attach a great deal of sentimental value to a business. They imagine that it’s worth a lot, without going through a professional appraiser. The company is valued according to its numbers, but also on what isn’t in the numbers: relationships with customers and suppliers, the work force, the sales force, and innovation,” he points out.

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