12 Sep 2013
Lyne Groulx

Lyne Groulx

Thanks to her strong involvement over the past year, Lyne Groulx, Executive Search Manager at Raymond chabot Grant Thornton, has had her mandate as a member of the the Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal’s Board of Directors renewed for 2013-2014. Through her involvement over the past five years, she has also been able to remain active as the Director of Anjou’s Territorial Committee of the Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal.

In addition to her remarkable commitment, Lyne was the recipient of the symbolic “silent strength” award, which underscores her notable contributions to the Chamber and the Montréal east business community.

The Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal contributes to the outreach and economic development of eastern Montréal, specifically through its involvement in major strategic issues and supporting local business.

Congratulations to Lyne on these achievements, which will make it possible for her to continue contributing to eastern Montréal’s development and growth!