12 Dec 2016

The results for the 2016 CFE for chartered professional accountants were released on Friday, December 9, 2016.

Congratulations to our 83 future CPAs on having passed this rigorous professional evaluation, and a special bravo to Marc-Antoine Ayotte (Montréal Office) Kevin Daoust (Gatineau office), Simon McNicoll (La Baie office) and Zachary Huxley (Québec City office) who did exceptionally well by making the Honour Roll.

2016 CFE - Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

To highlight the success and determination of our brilliant and passionate succession, we placed an ad in the e-version of Les affaires last weekend and another one will also appear in the January 2017 paper edition.

2016 CFE - Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (Les Affaires)

Congratulations to all and enjoy a prosperous career at RCGT!

83 future CPAs - 2016 CFE (RCGT)

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07 Dec 2016

In an interview with the Italian newspaper, Cittadino, Emilio B. Imbriglio, President and CEO of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, shared the fundamental values and principles that have been guiding the firm for the past 70 years:

  • Talent development: The CEO of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton highlighted the importance of attracting the best resources and developing their potential. Emilio explained that the firm starts the recruiting process early in the universities by offering students an opportunity to practice their expertise and grow in their home town.
  • Proximity: From a network of some 100 offices and points of service, the firm is able to efficiently guide its clients wherever they are. The concept of proximity is part of the firm’s DNA, Emilio explained.
  • Social commitment: The President believes that the firm must be socially committed. “We need to be community leaders,” he states. This year, for example, in order to give back to the community, on September 23, 2016, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton closed most of its offices. Close to 800 employees participated in a community day to make a difference with regional organizations, said Emilio.
  • Promote local economy and entrepreneurship: The President explained that each of the firm’s offices works on developing a thriving business ecosystem and vigorous local economy. Entrepreneurs and their success is the firm’s reason for existence. Emilio also emphasized the firm’s desire to make their success a global affair, which it is able to do thanks to its connection with the Grant Thornton International world network, present in over 130 countries.

For more information, read the article (page 9) in Italian.

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06 Dec 2016
Sylvain Moreau

Sylvain Moreau

The real cost of charitable donations

Sylvain Moreau, Tax Partner at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, is now a columnist for the Journal de Montréal and the Journal de Québec. His first column on charitable donations was published December 1, 2016 in these two major Québecor newspapers. You can read his regular column in the Argent – Dans vos poches (Money in your pocket) section. Here’s an excerpt of the article:

Many organizations ask us to contribute to their fundraising campaigns for numerous, varied causes. While all of the causes may be worthy, we are instinctively drawn to those that particularly hit home.

For the usual emotional reasons, we let ourselves be convinced to make a charitable donation to these organizations without really thinking about the true cost of our action.

Since the amounts are not necessarily significant, the whole point is not to reduce our taxes but rather to contribute to the cause. But are you truly aware of what your donation is costing you? Would this information encourage you to give more? Let’s take a closer look!

Planning is worth the effort

Since your donation qualifies for a federal and provincial credit, this can indeed significantly decrease your tax bill. So charitable donations could be worth it. It gives back on two levels: contributing to the cause you’ve chosen and reducing your tax bill. A charitable donation made while you’re alive can also be an important component in your estate planning.

Planning donations can be very useful for reducing the tax impacts on death. Let’s try and determine the real cost of your donation as well as any benefits it can have on your tax bill… Read the rest of the article (in French only) also published on the Journal de Montréal website.

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06 Dec 2016


Speaking on Radio Canada’s L’heure du monde radio program, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton International Tax Partner, Benoit Turcotte, commented on the potential impacts of the possible corporate tax reduction announced by U.S. President Elect, Donald Trump. Listen to Benoit’s comments (in French) starting at 1 min, 33 sec.