09 Apr 2012
Jean-François Thuot

Jean-François Thuot

Publisher CCH Canadian Limited in collaboration with RCGT expert, Jean-François Thuot, Tax Partner at the Montréal office, provide a leading-edge vision of highly complex issues in corporate reorganization taxation.

People interested in the subject can now register for Fiscalité des réorganisations corporatives, an online document offering a new issue every four months. Jean-François provides in-depth analyses of the hottest current issues as well as his highly detailed opinions and knowledge. Consequently you will:




  • Obtain strategic information to help you make the right decisions;
  • Learn about future tax trends;
  • Have access to major technical interpretations and case law;
  • Follow legislative changes;
  • Become aware of the new tax planning options.

By registering for the online version of Fiscalité des réorganisations corporatives, you will have access to all of Jean-Francois Thuot’s work. Additionally, the online version offers a key-word search option and quick hyperlink access to legislation, government documents, and case law cited in his text.

Introductory Offer – $50 less if you register by April 30

By registering before April 30, you will pay a special introductory price of $295 (regular price is $345).

Furthermore, the first issue which deals with the following topics is being offered free of charge by CCH:

  • Taxable preferred shares (TPS)
  • Paid-up capital increase and use of safe income
  • Corporate reorganization and corporate HSF contribution rates
  • PLUS: case law and technical interpretation references (representing a 210-page document!)

To register, or for more information on this offer or the content of the next issues, visit www.cch.ca/reorganisations (in French only).