13 Aug 2012
Éric Dufour

Éric Dufour

Éric Dufour, Assurance Partner in Charge of the Management Consulting Group in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Chibougamau and Côte-Nord regions and National Leader of the entrepreneurial succession, has been appointed President of the regional committee for the new Prêt à entreprendre program in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Côte-Nord region under the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec.

This new fund, whose goal is to stimulate entrepreneurship and the succession in Quebec, partners with the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Québecor, Desjardins, Ministère du développement économique, Innovation et Exportation as well as the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship.

View the Committee’s Web site here.

Congratulations to Éric on his involvement in this area which is an integral part of his interest in assisting and supporting entrepreneurs in their growth and development objectives.

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10 Aug 2012

On July 16, 2012, our Drummondville office relocated to better serve clients in the region.

The Centre-du-Québec is a very dynamic area, and we are proud to expand our premises to better meet our clients’ increasing needs.

The Drummondville team will now be working in a more functional environment in the economic, strategic and social centre of the city.

The new Drummondville address is:

330 Cormier St., suite 102
Drummondville, QC
J2C 8B3
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.rcgt.com/en/network/drummondville/

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03 Aug 2012
Lynda Coache

July 20, 2012 – The Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation du Québec (MDEIE) appointed Lynda Coache, Partner in charge of the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Napierville offices, as representative of the Chambres de commerce de la Table d’action en entrepreneuriat de la Montérégie.

Congratulations to Lynda for her involvement and commitment to entrepreneurship in an effort to stimulate the creation, expansion and transfer of businesses by helping attain the Stratégie québécoise de l’entrepreneuriat objectives!

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26 Jul 2012

The World Acadian Congress (WAC) is a major event that has been held every five years since 1994 in a region representative of the Acadian Diaspora. In 2014, the WAC will be held in a unique, multicultural and international location called the Acadia of the Lands and Forests. The 2014 WAC estimates that 50,000 people will attend, generating 600,000 entries in some 300 activities taking place over 17 days, with economic returns of more than $55M and a five-year operating budget of $12M.

On June 7 and 21, 2012, Denis Rheault, Consulting Services Director, and several members of the RCGT team provided on-site consultations on issues and opportunities related to the 2014 WAC so that the event could incorporate the economic dimension, increase development and have a lasting legacy in the region.

Over 100 people took part in the consultation activities, including entrepreneurs and economic, government and institutional stakeholders from New Brunswick, Quebec and the state of Maine.

This strategic planning assignment gave RCGT’s consulting services team the opportunity to strengthen its reputation in the area’s economic sector and extend its outreach in an inter-provincial and cross-border context.