12 Feb 2018

Build your business’s power play with our team’s strengths

It takes a good game plan to ensure your business’ success. Let our team of experts move the puck and score points at home and away.

Business sales and acquisitions

If you’re contemplating a business transaction, our professionals know how to scout the right players and investors, thanks to their extensive network. You need accurate advice from experts in tax, business and property valuation, finding potential successors and career transition coaching. Call on the winning team.

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Business valuation and financial litigation


When you’re involved in an acquisition, business transfer or litigation, you often need a referee. Our business valuation experts provide a neutral, credible ruling, from an objective standpoint, so you can carry out your transaction at fair value and maximize the benefits. Call on our experts to gain the upper hand.

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Avoiding Conflicts When Transferring a Family Business at a Fair Price

Corporate finance


Whether your project involves an acquisition, major phase of an organizational transformation, or business refinancing, our experts analyze your business’s history and performance statistics. They then set up a game plan to optimize the structure, select the right players to guide and finance your affairs, manage the sequence for approaching financial parties and facilitate exchanges between the parties. Count on our team to find winning solutions for your corporate financing.

Transaction support and due diligence

Get into a huddle with our due diligence review team to make the right decisions about your business or investment acquisitions. They can contribute the right assets to boost your game by advising you on the business risks and issues, replacing uncertainty with solid data and indicating the best possible returns to target. Set up your power play with our experts.

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