05 May 2017
Rémi Fortin
Partner | FCPA, FCA | Assurance

On April 29, 2017, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton was awarded the Social and Community Involvement Jarret at the prestigious Gala de l’entreprise beauceronne. This Chambre de commerce de Saint-Georges award recognizes enterprises that play an active role in maintaining and improving the quality of life in their communities, a value shared by our organization.

Gala de l’entreprise beauceronne: Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Awarded Social and Community Involvement Jarret

Rémi Fortin, Partner in Charge of the Beauce offices (Photo : Annie Gagné, photographer)

From left to right: Antoine Morin, Olivier Jolicoeur-Morin, Steeve Vachon, François Duchesne, Rémi Fortin, Karine Béland, Chantal Gravel, Jean-Sébastien Boulanger

While due in part to exceptional mobilization initiatives such as RCGT in the Community on September 23, 2016, this award also recognizes the ongoing personal and professional support of all of our employees and partners for many years in various Beauce organizations such as the École d’entrepreneurship de Beauce, Fondation du Cégep Beauce-Appalaches, Maison Catherine de Longpré and many others.

A source of great pride and a true honour

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is proud of the time and funds it has invested in the social and economic community of the Beauce region. Actively supporting charitable and community projects is positive, inspiring and synonymous with sustainability. It is the sign of an organization that stands out for its excellent services but also of an organization that makes a difference with a lasting impact on the community.

Gala de l’entreprise beauceronne

Organized by the Chambre de commerce de Saint-Georges, the Gala de l’entreprise beauceronne recognizes entrepreneurial excellence. This major fund-raising event for the Chambre aligns with its mission to support socio-economic development and promote entrepreneurial culture and business networking.

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Rémi Fortin is a partner at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. He is your expert in assurance for the...

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02 May 2017
Benoit Turcotte
Partner | M. Fisc. | Tax

Judging by the strong attendance at two conferences presented by the firm on April 18th and 19th at its Montréal offices, international tax is a hot topic right now.

Over 70 participants were on hand to hear the high profile speakers, 12 experts from the Grant Thornton network and three Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton partners, Pierre Bourgeois, Partner, International Tax, Daniel Marion, Partner, International Tax and Transfer Pricing and Benoit Turcotte, Partner, U.S tax.

These knowledgeable experts discussed various aspects of the issues and challenges of international tax. Topics covered included erosion of the tax base and profit transfers, U.S. government tax initiatives, multilateral treaties and an update of European and Mexican tax.

The evening provided an opportunity for networking and continuing the discussion as speakers, clients and Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton team members attended a cocktail followed by supper at Le Local.

Feel free to contact our experts for your needs in international tax.

12 Grant Thornton Network Experts and 3 Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Experts

International Tax Conference (RCGT)

From left to right.

1st row: Pete F. Simpson, GT US; Henrik Hedberg, GT Sweden; Edel Carter located at the San Francisco office, GT Ireland; Sasha Kerins, GT Ireland; Jean-Michel Hamelle, GT Luxembourg.

2nd row: Yvonne Chappell, GT UK; Paul Forst, GT Germany, Ricardo Suàrez, GT Mexico; Alexis Martin, GT France; Christopher P. Schenkenberg, GT US.

3rd row: Chaïd Dali-Ali, GT France; Pierre Bourgeois, RCGT; Benoît Turcotte, RCGT; Pedro Zugarramurdi, GT Mexico; Daniel Marion, RCGT.

Colloque en fiscalité internationale (RCGT)
Edel Carter from Grant Thornton Ireland during the seminar

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Mr. Turcotte is a partner at RCGT. He is your expert in taxation for the Montréal office. Contact...

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21 Apr 2017
Samuel Havida
Vice-President, Partner | Financial advisory

Les affaires newspaper called upon Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton to share how it achieved its very successful workspace modernization project at 600 De La Gauchetière Street West, in Montréal. As explained by Catherine Hersent, Western Region General Manager and Mario Sauro, Manager, Property Management, the new design had to meet the needs of talented professionals. The human dimension is in the firm’s DNA and employees were involved right from the start. You can read about the innovative reorganization in an article published on April 20, 2017.

Samuel Havida, Western Region Vice-President, took the opportunity to once again thank and congratulate everyone involved in this great success story!


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Sam Havida is a vice-president at RCGT. Contact him today!

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19 Apr 2017
Pier-Paul Belzil-Lacasse
Partner | CPA, CA, CIRP, LIT | Recovery and reorganization

Trustee Pier-Paul Belzil-Lacasse, Lead Senior Manager in Financial Turnaround with Raymond Chabot, subsidiary of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, has been collaborating with Radio-Canada in the past few weeks. He now shares a series of tips for individuals to help them make the best personal finance decisions.

For more information, listen to the following seven interviews:

Congratulations to our expert from the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region on these chronicles that will help individuals steer clear of numerous debt traps!

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Pier-Paul Belzil-Lacasse is an expert in Recovery and Reorganization at Raymond Chabot Grant...

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