16 Oct 2017
Ghyslain Cadieux
Senior Manager | B.B.A., CPA, CMA | Management consulting

Ghyslain Cadieux, Senior Manager in the Management Consulting Group and Costing & Profitability Specialist, was invited along with Véronique Roy, Operations Director at Plastique Micron, to participate on a panel discussing the Connectivité des équipements : quand l’information en temps réel permet d’augmenter la compétitivité (Equipment connectivity: When real-time information increases competitiveness) at a Les Affaires Usine 4.0 event held in Montréal on September 19, 2017.

More than 200 business owners and managers were in attendance and had the opportunity to learn more about the strategic importance of linking Factory 4.0 initiatives to the “finance” function. Véronique clearly communicated the competitive advantages of implementing a costing system within a business.

The article Avez-vous ce luxe de sélectionner votre clientèle la plus rentable? published on the Les Affaires website, also provides an overview of how Plastique Micron has developed connectivity projects, and succeeded in implementing a quick and efficient costing process, developing a new bidding system, knowing the actual profitability of its product portfolio and directing its business decisions.

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