20 Dec 2013
Gilles Séguin
Partner | CPA, CA | Assurance
Gilles Séguin

Gilles Séguin

Congratulations to Gilles Séguin, Assurance Partner in the Gatineau Office, on his appointment to the Board of Directors of Saint-Paul University. Mr. Séguin has served on the University’s Finance Committee since 2011 and is proud to extend his contribution to the Board of Directors.

About Saint-Paul University

Saint-Paul University, in Ottawa, is a Catholic and bilingual institution federated with the University of Ottawa since 1965. As a centre of higher learning, Saint-Paul University intends, within the local, national and international academic community, to promote excellence in teaching, research, and professional formation.

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Mr. Séguin is a partner at RCGT. He is your expert in assurance for the Gatineau office. Contact...

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