17 Jan 2013

Francis LeBlanc-GervaisCongratulations to Francis LeBlanc-Gervais, CPA, CA, CISA, Manager of IT and Forensic and Investigative Accounting Consulting at our Montreal office, for obtaining Green IT certification.

Certification that goes a long way!

This Green IT certification will allow Francis LeBlanc-Gervais to advise clients wishing to develop green initiatives so as to reduce their costs by improving IT-related energy and resource consumption. He is moreover currently developing tools to help plan and organize green initiatives as well as measure potential resulting energy and resource savings.

Note that in order to obtain certification, Francis followed training at the British Computer Society in London and passed the BCS Foundation Certificate in Green IT exam in November 2012. Hats off!

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11 Jan 2013

Congratulations to Xavier Romain, Real Estate Consulting Analyst  in the Montréal office, who successfully passed his exam at the Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec (OEAQ).

Note that obtaining this professional title is a long process and requires that the candidate complete an internship under the guidance of an internship supervisor. Afterwards, interns must successfully pass a written and oral exam.

With the admission of Xavier to the order, the Montreal team now counts 10 or so chartered appraisers and Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton as a whole now counts 20 or so throughout its network.

Xavier Romain, Real Estate Consulting Analyst
Xavier Romain (centre), our new chartered appraiser was proud to pose with Benoit Egan (left) partner in the Montréal office and Xavier’s internship supervisor, as well as Francine Fortin, OEAQ President (right). Congratulations!

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07 Jan 2013

The federal government invests an additional $250 million over five years to support the innovation in the automotive sector. Only the projects of $75 million and above are eligible. According to Maxime Godin, the only drawback is that the program does not support the innovation from the small and midsize businesses. The program supports high added value jobs and will have an impact on all the Canadian economy.

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21 Dec 2012

Emilio Imbriglio, Montréal Partner and Chairman of the Board, was the subject of an interesting feature profile in the December 3, 2012 edition of The Globe and Mail. The article delved into Emilio’s family history, career and financing and infrastructure expertise. Emilio shared his vision of the progress made in the northern Quebec development initiatives and his impressions of the Parti Québécois’ performance to date. Additionally, he brought a glimmer of hope and positivity to the public inquiry into collusion and corruption in the construction industry.