19 Jun 2015

Guy Barthell, Strategic and Performance Counselling Partner, comments on the trends and outlooks of the Quebec manufacturing sector on the Argent channel. This interview is in the context of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s release of the Quebec Component of the Cross-Canada Manufacturers’ Outlook 2015 Study, based on a survey of 500 executives in the manufacturing sector, 25% of them Quebecers.

Mr. Barthell points out that the manufacturing sector is regaining optimism in Quebec, particularly due to the Canadian dollar’s weakness against the US dollar. “This period must be used to invest in our equipment, employee training, innovation and the development of our markets, because Quebec faces major challenges in a context of global competition,” explains Guy Barthell.

The expert mentions that Quebec is lagging behind other non-emerging countries. “While the manufacturing sector in these countries generally represents 16% of GDP, in Quebec it ranges between 13% and 14%, Mr. Barthell adds. He considers it important to strengthen the province’s manufacturing sector, because it creates high value-added, well-paid jobs, among other benefits. “The manufacturing sector’s development spills over into all sectors, including the service sector, and the economy in general,” Mr. Barthell concludes.

To learn more, watch the June 3 interview on the Argent channel.