18 Jun 2019

Interviewed by Infopresse, Macha Pohu, the firm’s Vice-President, Talent & Culture, discusses the new forces at work in the employment market.

She says: “When our children join the workforce, 60% of today’s jobs will no longer exist and the others will be redefined.” Jobs are changing, but so are hiring criteria.

Macha Pohu explains: “A few years ago, we would never have considered someone who had changed jobs more than once in two years. Today, it’s the opposite, if someone has been in the same place too long, the concern is their ability to handle change.”

She goes on to say that often, candidates with an uncommon profile will be called for an interview. Furthermore, the manager’s role is also evolving. Candidates are looking for a boss who is more than just a manager.

“Today, everybody wants to be involved, to have some freedom to act, to take up challenges with their superiors’ trust,” the Vice-President added.

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17 Jun 2019

With the emergence of blockchain technology, CPA Canada has created a working group to explore different auditing approaches and the risks relating to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Jean-François Trépanier, Senior Manager, Assurance Research at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton and Technical Advisor, Regulations at Catallaxy, is leading one of the working group’s projects. In an interview with CPA Canada, Jean-François provides an overview of the situation of public companies handling cryptocurrencies in Canada. He identifies the risks associated with blockchain technology and the accounting firms auditing cryptocurrencies.

Also, in a video discussing the prospects for CPAs in terms of blockchains, Louis Roy, Assurance Partner and President of Catallaxy clarifies that since this is a new technology, everything needs to be created. There are therefore excellent opportunities for CPAs to position themselves as experts in the field.

Roy offers some advice to CPAs who want to get involved in auditing cryptocurrency: he emphasizes the importance of properly understanding this technology, but also of knowing how to master cryptocurrency auditing tools.

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17 Jun 2019

Conseiller.ca posted an article on deducting expenses for self-employed financial services advisors.

Although they can deduct any work-related expenses, “if they are unable to prove that an expense was incurred to earn income, the expense cannot be deducted. This is key,” states Jean-Pierre Poulin, Tax Partner at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton.

In the article, Poulin discusses eligible expenses vs. personal expenses: kilometres travelled, interest on loans, meal and entertainment expenses, home office, etc.

For more information about these measures, read the article on Conseiller.ca.

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11 Jun 2019

With the publication of a special report on headhunters, Les Affaires is focussing on human resource issues.

One of these issues is the retention of new employees. The vast majority of headhunting firms offer a guarantee ranging from six months to one year to both client and candidates. “If it doesn’t work out during this period, we take the file back,” explains Louise Martel, Partner, Consulting Services. It is therefore essential to find the right candidate for the right challenges.

With this in mind, human resources professionals are finding that technical skills are becoming less important today. “Less and less time is spent evaluating them, to the benefit of behavioural and relational skills,” says Martel.

This report also includes an article on the integration of artificial intelligence into hiring processes. Our recruiting experts, partners Louise Martel and Jean-François Boudreault, also contributed to this article.

Even if artificial intelligence can be used, e.g. to perform an automated CV pre-analysis, Jean-François Boudreault says that “our profession is a craft; the emotional aspect remains very important. There are things that are experienced in interviews that cannot be described on paper. This is what our role is all about.”