28 Feb 2018
Sylvain Moreau
Partner | FCPA, FCGA, Pl. Fin., D. Fisc., TEP | Tax

What’s happening with tax credits, are there new ones, have they been cancelled, increased or reduced, are there new rules? Every year, the state of public finances, the political context and government priorities change the tax landscape.

Sylvain Moreau, Tax Partner in Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s Laval office stated: “This year, the Trudeau government continues to introduce measures in line with its commitment to reduce taxes for the middle class and increase them for the rich.”

Get a clearer picture

The tax season, with its flurry of good and bad news for taxpayers, will soon be upon us. Our tax expert Sylvain Moreau contributed to an article in Protégez-vous that you can read to find out which measures will impact your 2017 tax returns!

28 Feb 2018  |  Written by :

Sylvain Moreau is a partner at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. He is an expert in taxation for the...

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