09 Dec 2013

Grande guignolée des médiasThursday, December 5 marked the official day of the media food drive known as La grande guignolée des médias. Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, for the fourth year in a row, is a proud partner of this fine event, offering accounting assistance in compiling the donations in Montréal. It also collected food and cash donations at its offices and the Square-Victoria and Square-Victoria Metro collection points.

Many of you responded to the appeal again this year, donating non-perishable foodstuffs generously throughout the week of December 2. More than 30 boxes were collected at the Montreal offices and will help fill the Christmas baskets of families in need.

We also want to thank our cheerful volunteers, who braved the rain and gloom all day long to collect donations on December 5:

Karine Attenborough Laurent Fournier
Pierre-Luc Beauregard Marie-Ève Germain
Annie Bégin Kim Guiraud
Julie Bourdeau Mélanie Lafontaine
Ryan Catherine Breithaupt Sophie Minotto
Lise Brunette Angelo Palmigiani
Martin Caron Isabelle Paré
Christiane Charron Guy Provost
Alexandra Clermont Hélène Robitaille
Marie-Pier Domingue Mark Santin
Thomas Dufour Nancy Wolfe

Équipe RCGT - Grande guignolée

Once again, we thank you for your great generosity. We look forward to working with you again next year.

The organizers of la grande guignolée des médias 2013,

Martin Lemay & Olivier Chauveau

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06 Dec 2013

All businesses, regardless of their size, can benefit from strategic planning. This exercise isn’t reserved for major corporations.

Two of our team members, Nancy Jalbert, associate, and Annie Lessard, manager, explained this at a luncheon discussion organized by Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Beauce-Sud.

Read the article published about this luncheon discussion in Beauce-Media (in French only).

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05 Dec 2013
Diane Joly

Diane Joly

Congratulations to Diane Joly, Senior Manager – Risk Management at the Montréal office, for her appointment to the Board of Directors of CARE Canada.

Such commitments by our professionals are a clear illustration of our business culture and our actions in the communities we serve. This is a reflection of our CLEARR values, which unify and guide our behaviour.

About CARE Canada

CARE is Canada’s global force dedicated to defending dignity and fighting poverty by empowering the world’s most vulnerable and greatest resource for change: women and girls. Its mission is to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world. For more information, see care.ca.

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04 Dec 2013

Success in the Uniform Evaluation (UFE) is an important step in the professional life of a Chartered Professional Accountant. While the names of those who pass the evaluation are widely publicized, we know little about the people who supported them throughout their studies: their mentors and the workshop facilitators.

At Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, many mentors and facilitators ensure that this pivotal step goes smoothly for the interns. Starting in the beginning of Summer, they help them overcome the obstacles that may arise during their studies leading to the UFE.


Patrick Jean

One of them is Patrick Jean, Assurance Manager in Montreal: “I help the interns for the pleasure of giving back what I received,” he explains. Jean passed the UFE barely three years ago. Starting late July, he contacted his protégé to ask her about the progress of her studies. In the course of their meeting, Patrick gave her advice and reminded her of the importance of balance. “You have to study seriously, of course, but also take time to have fun,” Patrick adds.

Maxime Nadeau, a supervisor at the Sherbrooke office, supported two interns. This assistance translated into the development of a study schedule, modulated to each intern’s strengths and weaknesses, and moral support. “Mentoring interns was a wonderful experience, which allowed me to develop a close working relationship with them,” says Nadeau, who passed the UFE in 2012. He enjoyed the experience so much, he would like to repeat it next year.

Sébastien Paquin, auditor at our Montreal office, facilitated stress management workshops. “The interns are able to overcome the UFE, if only due to their experience at the Firm. With these workshops, we teach them how to deflate the balloon of anticipation,” he explains. Paquin personally experienced the turmoil of the UFE in 2011.


Jean Morissette

Jean Morissette, Partner at the Quebec City office, has facilitated workshops on accounting standards for the past eight years. Why does he do it? Because he likes accounting standards and teaching… but not so much that he would make a career of it, he hastens to point out. He adds: “I find it very stimulating to coach these interns at such an important moment in their lives.”

This is clear proof that at RCGT, success depends on teamwork, but also on heart.

We warmly thank all the people who mentored interns, listened to their concerns or facilitated workshops: there are many of them, and they aren’t all named in this article. Your contribution made all the difference..