30 Jan 2015

Overindebtedness and debt management after the holiday period are the sources of several ills for many consumers. Three Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton experts collaborated actively with TVA and LCN to report on these difficult financial situations faced by Quebec and Canadian households.

In two days, Eric Lebel, Stéphane Gauvin and Martine Robitaille, respectively Trustee Partners and Trustee Senior Manager, shared advice and suggested various recommendations so that you can afford your financial ambitions.

Mr. Lebel’s comments were the subject of two different reports on the Thursday, January 22 newscasts at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. (including the Argent channel). In particular, the reports show the major call centre in Brossard, where consumers from all over Quebec and the Ottawa and Edmundston regions can receive sound advice and personalized support regarding their personal financial situation.

Mr. Gauvin also participated, on Thursday, January 22, in a report on TVA Est-du-Québec regarding overindebtedness and the stress that can result from it. Don’t forget that a trustee is a privileged advisor, the only professional approved in Canada to negotiate possible bankruptcy options with creditors, including the consumer proposal.

Finally, Ms. Robitaille gave some key advice on Friday, January 23, while answering questions from the public on the 100 % Nouvelles show of the LCN news channel (Part 1 | Part 2)

The experts repeatedly raised the importance of making a budget and, above all, sticking to it. This is the key to sound financial planning. To achieve this, Raymond Chabot inc., a subsidiary of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, has developed a practical and user-friendly Web tool: the online budget. Don’t hesitate to refer to it!

This is outreach worthy of the professionalism of the firm’s experienced team of financial recovery advisors!

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28 Jan 2015

2015-01-14 - Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Laval

President and CEO Emilio B. Imbriglio continues his regional tour with the aim of meeting dynamic business owners. On January 14, 2015, he was the guest of the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Laval’s forum, an event which he leveraged to present the firm’s main ideas for stimulating economic growth and creating jobs before an audience of 200 business people.

Emilio spoke optimistically about the region and Quebec’s future, highlighting the strong points but emphasizing that much remains to be done to stimulate our growth and foster our prosperity.

He stated, “Sometimes we forget that Quebec has very strong potential. Our society is marked by talented people, a trained and highly bilingual workforce, experienced business owners, ambitious decision-makers, natural resources and energy, and a strategic geographical and cultural position […] But despite these strengths, a major shift needs to take place so that Quebec may take its rightful place among the most competitive, innovative and production regions in the world.”

The President described several measures to stimulate growth, which rest upon four main economic development pillars—entrepreneurship, education, employment and the sustainable development of our resources.*

He also underscored the firm’s pride in serving the Laval community for over 30 years. He took the opportunity to commend the work of the Laval office’s professionals “who have supported Laval business owners and helped them unlock their full potential,” and highlight the contribution of the Laval office partners and office manager, Marco Berretta, for the breakfast conference’s success.

2015-01-14 - Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Laval

Pictured at centre, Emilio B. Imbriglio, President and CEO of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, along with Pierre-Luc Girard and Chantal Provost, Chair of the Board and General Manager of the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Laval, respectively, Yan Leclair, Assurance Partner at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton and Chambre Board member, along with other members of the President’s table.

* Emilio’s four main ideas with specific measures are summarized as follows:

 1. Encourage entrepreneurship through tax incentives

Make it fair from a tax point of view to sell a business, whether selling to family or foreign interests.

Hold a public consultation to measure the impact of reducing or eliminating corporate taxes for SMEs, and define clear rules without reducing the government’s tax base

2. Take advantage of export opportunities

Take advantage of the soon-to-be official free trade agreement with Europe to develop new markets. Canada will be the only country in the world with free access, baring a few exceptions, to the two largest markets on the planet. Including North American consumers, Quebec has a potential market of over 900 million people!

3. Train and attract talent more effectively

Start teaching basic concepts at the high school level about credit, public debt, the cost of public services, and the importance of creating a budget.

Improve the process for selecting and integrating immigrants by creating other agreements, such as the France-Quebec agreement, to recognize the qualifications of professionals from other regions.

4. Exploit natural resources respectfully and sustainably

Develop a framework that supports long-term investments and infrastructures, specifically in terms of ports and railways.

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26 Jan 2015

Eric Lebel, Recovery & Reorganization Partner, offered his advice on good money management after the holidays on two TV channels: LCN and Canal Argent.

The beginning of the year is a difficult period for our personal finances, because it’s time to pay for holiday spending. Discover Eric Lebel’s recommendations for managing this period properly, in two televised interviews:

Canal Argent



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22 Jan 2015

This January 15, Chambre de commerce de Saint-Georges held a luncheon conference on the theme “Business succession: an approach inspired by the Scandinavian spa”.

Éric Dufour, Partner with the Strategy & Performance Consulting Group and National Business Transfer Leader, and Steeve Vachon, Taxation Partner specializing in Business Transfer, were able to share their expertise and Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s approach to business succession with about seventy-five Beauce business people and entrepreneurs.

Relève en entreprise : conférence d'Éric Dufour et de Steeve Vachon
Our two experts with Catherine Leblanc, President of Chambre de commerce de Saint-Georges

A well-planned business transfer has several advantages

The people present, who were concerned about the issue of the entrepreneurial succession, learned about the advantages of a well-planned business transfer. This allowed them to understand the added value of our firm’s integrated approach, which accounts for the human, fiscal, strategic, financial and legal aspects of the process.

This conference was part of a series of initiatives taken by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton to raise entrepreneurs’ awareness of the importance of planning the transfer of their business and promote the unique and distinctive approach developed by our experts. The event also benefited from high media visibility, particularly on TV (Cogeco), on 103.5 COOL FM and the Enbeauce.com website.