24 Aug 2016
Marc Lévesque
Partner | CPA, CA | Assurance
Marc Lévesque

Marc Lévesque

During the CLD’s annual meeting, Marc Lévesque, Partner in charge of the Haut du Lac St-Jean and Chibougamau offices, was appointed Chair of the Centre local de développement Domaine-du-Roy (CLD).

A respected leader who is recognized in his field, Marc is very involved with numerous organizations. As Chair of the CLD, he will ensure that, despite government reorganizations, this organization remains the portal to economic development in this sector.

The CLD Domaine-du-Roy was created by the Quebec Government in connection with a new local and regional development policy to foster the desire to take control of local and regional development.

Leadership: An important value for Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

This appointment is a concrete example of the leading role played by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton in Quebec in business development to help the province flourish and promote the services that truly support our socio-economic growth.

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Mr. Lévesque is a partner at RCGT. He is your expert in taxation for the Saint-Félicien office....

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