24 Apr 2015
Dimitrios Georgoulas
Senior Manager | Tax

Dimitrios Georgoulas, Tax Senior Manager, analyzes the impact of federal tax cuts on families, in an article republished in many media, including the Financial Post, the Brandon Sun, Huffington Post, the Winnipeg Free Press,the Penticton Herald, Advisor.ca, the

Chronicle Herald and the Telegraph-Journal.

According to the expert, the new measure, which allows the spouse with the higher income to transfer taxable income to the spouse in a lower tax bracket is not only intended for the rich, as some critics may have affirmed.

“The measure will also benefit young families,” Dimitrios Georgoulas explains. “However, this income transfer could reduce other credits, such as medical expenses, which are linked to the income of the lower-earning spouse,” the expert warns.

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Mr. Georgoulas is a senior manager at RCGT. He is your expert in taxation for the Montreal office....

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