15 Mar 2011



On March 15, 2010, the President and Chief Executive Officer, Jean Robillard, and the Partner in Charge of the Management Consulting Group, Pierre Fortin, presented a conference to the Financial Executives International (FEI) Canada, in Montréal, before an audience of about 100 people, consisting mostly of Financial Executives.

Jean Robillard began by citing certain economic findings related to Quebec’s low productivity levels, mentioning that several business people and politicians had already discussed this matter. This was followed by each of the speakers discussing the importance for businesses of optimizing processes in order to remain productive and competitive and demonstrating that, at times, business turnaround is the option of choice. In conclusion, according to the presenters, choosing between optimization or turnaround for a business is frequently the result of management’s approach and the timing of their response.

PowerPoint presentation of speeches (in French)