18 Feb 2013
Michel Lefebvre

Michel Lefebvre

Congratulations to Michel Lefebvre, Montréal Tax Partner, for his recent appointment to Wavefront’s Board of Directors.

Wavefront is a not-for-profit National Centre of Excellence accelerating the growth and success of wireless companies in Canada by connecting them with critical resources, partners and opportunities, to drive economic and social benefits for Canada. Wavefront provides a suite of WaveGuide™ training, advisory, accelerator and testing services for wireless companies and non-wireless companies looking to leverage mobile technology.

Wavefront facilitates commercial engagement between the mobile ecosystem (mobile operators, platform providers, device manufacturers), enterprise companies and innovative developers in Canada

To learn more about Wavefront, click here

Congratulations to Michel Lefebvre on this appointment, which yet again confirms our firm’s involvement in the ITC and mobility sector!