31 Oct 2013


Pierre Fortin

Pierre Fortin

Pierre Fortin, Partner in charge of the Management Consulting Group and Municipal Sector Leader, was invited by “À la une” on Canal Argent to provide live comments each week on a series of interviews with Montréal mayoral candidates Mélanie Joly, Denis Coderre, Richard Bergeron and Marcel Côté.

Leveraging his extensive experience in supporting elected municipal officials and municipal employees in their efforts to ensure sound governance and improve services to their citizens, Pierre analyzed the potential impact of the candidates’ various platforms and proposals on Montréal’s economy and governance. Pierre highlighted promising initiatives, pointed out crucial issues for the metropolis, and related the firm’s experience as well as that of other municipalities.

Congratulations go out to Pierre for this significant contribution that showcased his municipal expertise and deep commitment to the economic and social success of the City of Montréal and province of Quebec.

You can view Pierre’s interviews by clicking the following links (the interviews are in French):

Analysis of Mélanie Joly’s interview

Analysis of Denis Coderre’s interview

Analysis of Richard Bergeron’s interview

Analysis of Marcel Côté ‘s interview