19 Nov 2012
Pierre Vallerand
Partner | CPA, CA

Pierre VallerandCongratulations to Pierre Vallerand, Assurance Partner out of our Montréal office, for his recent appointment to PROCURE’s Board of Directors.

The main goal of PROCURE is to provide science and humanity with means to help prevent and cure prostate cancer, a disease that strikes one in seven men of all ages.

Support PROCURE this November

In November, moustaches are all the rage, and PROCURE members are pleased with the success of this campaign to raise awareness about prostate cancer and men’s health. However, none of the funds raised by Movember, a Toronto-based organization, are funnelled to PROCURE, a completely separate organization working out of Quebec whose mission includes serving the needs of Quebeckers and conducting research in the province.

However, far from wanting to compete with the Movember campaign, PROCURE is rather seeking to build upon its efforts. This is why Pierre Vallerand has created a group to collect funds for PROCURE. Feel free to donate!

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