26 Apr 2018

As a sponsor of the 2nd edition of the Prix Créateurs d’emplois du Québec, an important event that awards businesses that increased their number of employees during the past year, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton encourages all eligible companies to participate.

To apply: fill out this short online form.

Deadline: May 31, 2018.

Criteria: number of jobs created or maintained in the past year and a description of how this was achieved.

The official gala will take place on October 24, 2018 at the Centre des congrès de Québec. The Premier of Quebec and numerous business leaders will attend.

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25 Apr 2018

The continuing retirement of baby-boomers is creating a serious need for successors in Quebec SMEs. Éric Dufour, Business Transfer Leader at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton answered several questions as part of the Les Affaires February 2018 supplement on Business Transfers.

Eric noted: “Employees must be told about the major steps of the succession plan. It’s important to explain the new structure and philosophy and the strategic plan.”

Win-win transactions for transferors

The transfer could even be undertaken in several steps. Eric adds: “You can start by transferring responsibilities, then consider the next steps, such as a progressive shareholder change. This allows transferors to stay on and phase out their involvement, while going through the essential business grief period.”

View the complete business transfer supplement in Les Affaires (available only to subscribers).

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24 Apr 2018

Finalizing your tax returns and wanting to save money? Partner Sylvain Moreau has some advice for you!

In an interview with Cindy Royer on LCN’s Dans vos poches program last Saturday and Sunday, Tax Partner Sylvain Moreau said: “Year-round tax planning is the key to avoid misplacing the necessary papers and making sure you get all the deductions you’re entitled to.”

The expert provided sound advice during the weekend to make taxpayers’ lives easier and inform them about the latest changes in areas such as public transit, health services contribution, taxation of RRSP withdrawals and Tax Credit for Workers 63 or Older.

Watch the full Saturday April 14th interview (in French only):

Watch the full Sunday April 15th interview (in French only):

Sylvain Moreau is also a columnist for the Journal de Montréal and Journal de Québec.

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23 Apr 2018
Louis Roy
Partner and president of Catallaxy | CPA, CA | Digital and technology consulting

On April 12, 2018, the 19th breakfast conference of the Conseil économique de Beauce (CEB) was held at the Georgesville Conference Centre in Saint-Georges.

Presented by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, the theme of this event was “Technological changes to watch for: Are you ready for this new reality?”.

Some 170 business people attended the conferences of our two experts: Louis Roy, Partner, National Assurance Manager and Blockchain Leader, and Éric Nguyen, Senior Manager, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

Intelligence as a corporate and social asset

Éric, who was the first speaker, provided a concise explanation of the issues artificial intelligence presents for society, for bank, financial and manufacturing entities and public sector and retail businesses alike. He went on to say: “The changes attributable to artificial intelligence are already being felt in numerous industries.”

This expert also listed tangible examples of businesses that have successfully adopted artificial intelligence as part of their methodology and mentioned the remarkable evolution of this promising technology that could revolutionize several sectors such as education, medicine, law, etc.

Blockchain technology, a monumental change

Louis explained blockchain in simple terms and its enormous potential for revolutionizing the business world:
He declared that “blockchain will change the way we do business. This is the single most important technological innovation since the birth of the Internet.”

To learn more about these conferences, read the article (in French) here.

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