15 May 2015
Jean Gauthier
Partner | CPA, CA | Tax

Isabelle Sévigny, Senior Manager and member of the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton tax research team, supervised by Partner and National Tax Director Jean Gauthier, commented on the TC média survey, which reveals that taxpayers in certain regions pay less taxes than others, based on their place of residence.

Ms. Sévigny’s observations are found in no less than twenty newspapers, including the Métro daily, the Information du Nord Sainte-Agathe, L’action and La voix du Sud.

Isabelle Sévigny thinks that analyzing income taxes relative to regions is a useful exercise for taxpayers and families looking for a place to set up residence. However, according to the expert, the analysis could be carried further, because home values don’t tell the whole story. “For the same value, a $300,000 home isn’t the same in Montreal as in Sherbrooke or Matane,” she observes.

The expert also points to other factors to consider in the calculation, such as “gasoline taxes that certainly influence the tax burden, depending on the region”.

To learn more, see the article Qui paye le plus de taxes et d’impôts au Québec? (Who pays the highest taxes in Quebec?)


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