28 Apr 2014

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is again at the forefront of the top 25 accounting firms in Quebec as rated by Les Affaires.

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton takes the top spot thanks to its 2,366 employees in over 100 offices and their willingness to do more with less. “Our volume of business has grown rapidly, but by being more efficient, working less work in silos, we managed to get the job done with less employees without cutting staff,” says Emilio B. Imbriglio, President and CEO of the firm.

Emilio Imbriglio has sought to make “improvement of procedures and methods” a priority of his mandate. To give the Firm the means of its ambitions and continually strive to achieve quality mandates, process efficiency is paramount.

Company Employees in Quebec 2014 Employees in Quebec 2013 Variation in number of employees
in Quebec (in %)
1 Raymond Chabot
Grant Thornton
2,366 2,420 -2%
2 Deloitte 2,247 2,248 0%
3 EY (Ernst & Young) 890 805 11%
4 PricewaterhouseCoopers 870 820 6%
5 KPMG 800 800 0%

The next step is to increase the number of shared services: “Information Technology and Communication are already managed by a single center. We will do the same for Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Business Development” says Emilio B. Imbriglio.

The firm does not intend to stop there to improve service and always be aware of the needs of its clients across Quebec, Canada and around the world.

For more information, please consult the special report on Major Accounting Firms of 2014 which appeared in the April 24th edition of the newspaper Les Affaires. Among other things you will find, the ranking of accounting firms which shows RCGT at the top of the group and confirms its leading position, more than ever attentive to the needs of its employees and its clients — dynamic local organizations !