07 May 2015
Guy Fauteux
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On May 1st at the Club de Golf du Lac Mégantic was held the seminar on economy and employment organized by the Comité défi 2025 in which the Société d’aide au développement de la collectivité de la région de Mégantic is, among other things, engaged.

Dedicated to the economic and employment issues of the MRC du Granit, the seminar gathered together a hundred stakeholders from business, political and social backgrounds to discuss and decide on actions to be undertaken in a concerted manner to ensure the development and increase the population of the region.

The Comité défi 2025 has been established to promote collaboration and the implementation of an action plan aimed at attracting 2,025 new citizens in the MRC by the year 2025.

Guy Fauteux, partner in charge of the Lac-Mégantic Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton office, has made a commitment to the Committee as chairman. He gave the kick off to the 1st of May by inviting participants to address the challenges facing the region in the coming years.

“Retail businesses have seen their sales decrease for several years following lost businesses and increased Internet sales,” he says. Currently, the region’s businesses have difficulty recruiting new employees and the birth rate is declining. If nothing is changed and the different regional stakeholders do not realize the various issues currently underway, I expect that the region will hit a wall in 10 years,” suggests Mr. Fauteux, who has several years of experience as a professional established in the region.

Major Issues

The day thus allowed to focus on three main issues that were addressed during the workshop in order to determine which actions to take and in what order of priority.

1. Economic Issue
To achieve its objectives, the region needs to have an economic environment that allows the development of individuals. We must therefore support existing businesses and promote the creation of new businesses that will contribute to the collective enrichment.

2. Workforce Issue
The success of the region’s businesses depends in large part on the availability of enough qualified and mobilized workers. We must therefore give ourselves the tools to deal with this issue.

3. Outreach Issue
In order for the efforts made by all to develop local businesses and provide them with the necessary workforce for their success to work, we must be able to rely on the mobilization of all the region’s residents. We must also make sure that the opportunities offered by the MRC du Granit are also known outside the region.

A Distinguished Speaker

The economic journalist at La Presse, Alain Dubuc, was also invited as a speaker during the lunch hour. He addressed the crowd by providing an expert view on the overall picture of the attraction and retention of talent in Quebec, while placing the issue in its historical context and assessing its current impact.

The towns and villages of the MRC du Granit are not the only areas facing the challenge of attracting and retaining talent; dozens of other Quebec municipalities are in the same situation and are somehow in competition. That being said, Mr. Dubuc has identified four distinctive elements on which the region can rely on to achieve its objectives, namely the attraction of landscapes and outdoors, tourism potential, the dynamic nature of the region’s and the industrial base and notoriety.

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